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Tanjung Kramat - Point of desires

Cape of Mistery, sacred place of local populations

Tanjung Kramat - Point of desires

Going through the forest behind the village you arrive at the long and untouched beach on the other side of the hill. From here, with a half an hour walk at most, you can reach the promontory of Tanjung Kramat (Cape of Mystery or of Desires) which is the thin stretch of sand that forms the extreme point of Walea island.
Here, on the breathtaking small hill that overlooks the opening of the Gulf of Tomini, it is possible to see the sacred place where still nowadays the locals go to meditate and make some offerings, believing that their wishes will be fulfilled.
The sandbar that divides the inner part of the gulf from the open sea is usually washed by two different sea currents.
So what better place to cool off after the walk, lulled and gently massaged by the sea?

At about 12.00 restaurant staff will bring the lunch just cooked by our chefs which will be served directly on the small beach under the shade of trees beneath the Point of Desires.