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Walea beaches

Amazing beaches of Walea

Walea beaches

The Walea Dive and Spa Resort is set on the Waleabahi Island in the heart of the Sulawesi Togian archipelago in Indonesia, exactly on the Equator.  The island is one of an handful of islands thrown like mysterious dices on the wide Gulf of Tomini that embraces the Sulawesi Sea in its great bay.  Thanks to this particular geographical position, Waleabahi, like all her other sisters in Togian archipelago, has a microclimate that is unique and different from the ones that can be found on the nearby coast cities.

Walea Dive and Spa Resort is always in summer due to its perfectly equatorial position but also to the big gulf that surrounds it: nature, in fact, protects the area with its mountains and forests from all the Asian monsoons and Australian winter storms.  Most days are consequentially bright and sunny and the short tropical rainfalls normally occur after sunset or during the night. This makes it possible for the temperature to vary only of a few degrees throughout the year and to keep a stable average temperature of 32 C on the land and of 29 to 31 C in the sea.

Our beaches are completely natural and are untouched. Below please find some pictures of our favorite beaches in Walea and immediate surroundings.


  • Tanjung Kramat - Point of desires

    Tanjung Kramat - Point of desires

    you go through the forest behind the village to arrive at the long and untouched beach on the other side of the hill.  From here, after at most a half-hour walk you reach the furthermost point of Tanjung Kramat (Cape of Mystery or of Desires) which is the thin stretch of sand that forms the extreme point of the island of Walea. Here, on the breathtaking small hill that overlooks the whole mouth of the large Gulf of Tomini, it is possible to see the sacred place where, even today, the locals still go to meditate and, having made some offerings, believe that their wishes will be fulfilled.


  • Full day on the desert island

    Full day on the desert island

    There is another strip of land that faces the ocean at the end of the large Gulf of Tomini.  It is a tiny atoll, which can be walked around in fifteen minutes.