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In Walea time goes by among sunrises and sunsets; here there are no clocks and distances are infinitely big and infinitely small at the same time. This is why we organize excursions in order to make you find again in time and space unique sensations.

  • Tanjung Kramat - Point of desires

    Tanjung Kramat - Point of desires

    Cape of Mistery, sacred place of local populations

    Going through the forest behind the village you arrive at the long and untouched beach on the other side of the hill. From here, with a half an hour walk at most, you can reach the promontory of Tanjung Kramat (Cape of Mystery or of Desires) Details

  • Full day on the desert island

    Full day on the desert island

    At the limit of oceanic depths

    The farthest strip of land that faces the ocean at the end of the large Gulf of Tomini; a tiny atoll, which can be walked around in fifteen minutes. Details

  • Visit to the local village

    Visit to the local village

    Pleasure of discovering

    If you got as far as Walea, it is undoubtedly worth taking a walk to the fishing village situated on the same island but reachable only by boat. Details