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Walea, a water primordial paradise


The majority of Walea Dive Resort dive sites are coral reefs, visible from the surface, and so perfect for snorkeling. They have walls on some sides and on others are connected to each other deep. Such an underwater configuration offers an incredible variety of profiles and dives. While a few dive sites is more suited to experienced divers, all the others offer the best conditions for peaceful dives, ideal both for macro and landscape photography.

In such a generous sea, so rich in life forms, every dive turns into a new submarine worlds discovery; every dive becomes the occasion of always new encounters.
The sea is an extremely changeable universe, an always variable ecosystem, in which a serene approach, but also luck, are essential conditions to enjoy the free show of such a generous nature.
Every day, every minute in the same place are never the same thing; scenery continuously changes. That’s why this ocean tirelessly fascinates and keeps attracting us, giving us authentic and ever-changing emotions.
Wearing the diving gear and preparing all the necessary make expectations grow bigger; diving into water, then, is pure joy; joy for finally having the possibility to become part of a world of colors and energy.


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  • All our diving packages

    All our diving packages

    Our best offers dedicated to diving enthusiasts

    Our diving packages will allow you to fully use the time you will spend at Walea Dive Resort. Dives will overfill your days, giving you the chance to come in contact with an immaculate nature, rich in life, in colors and in energy. Details

  • Walea's Marine Park - Togian Islands

    Walea's Marine Park - Togian Islands

    Explore Walea’s Marine Park

    This map allows you to take a closer look at the 200 square kilometers of sea that compose Walea’s Protected Area. It was founded in 2003 after years of struggling to eradicate the plague of illegal fishing with poison and bombs, unfortunately exercised in whole Asia. Details

  • Diving sites

    Diving sites

    Extraordinary diving in an untouched nature

    In Walea's Marine Park diving sites are really numerous. The variety of environments and life forms that can be found here make every dive an unforgettable and unrepeatable experience. Even the same site in two different moments is not the same. Details