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The Six Senses

The Six Senses


  • The Cottages

    The Cottages

    Sleep with the sea

    Our 13 beautiful seafront cottages are built to fit into the embracing nature with almost no visual and environmental impact.
    How to succeed in combining comfort, elegance, harmony and simplicity, without any unnecessary excess?
    We didn’t turn to some famous architects or feng shui experts. Details

  • Resort


    Hospitality for your body and your mind

    Walea Dive & SPA Resort is located in a private area of Waleabahi Island, in the centre of the Protected Area. Small and exclusive, it’s composed only by 13 recently enlarged and renovated cottages that look out onto the sea. Details


  • Aqua Sunset Bar

    Aqua Sunset Bar

    Aqua Sunset Bar: the right atmosphere at all hours

    Aqua Sunset Bar was created to complete our visionary idea of Walea.  A place where to appreciate the colors of sunset, where to listen to the sound of waves and count the shooting stars was, infact, still missing.
    That’s why Aqua Sunset Bar was born, something between a bar and a lounge. Details

  • The Restaurant

    The Restaurant

    Good and healthy Italian cuisine

    The restaurant is Walea's hub. Here you can find the reception room, the relaxation area, the kitchen, the dining room and the central bar.
    In this rooms, you will spend most of the time not dedicated to the sea, to walks or bodycare Details


  • Aria SPA

    Aria SPA

    Wellbeing and indonesian traditional massages

    Suspended in mid-air, between sea and sky, Aria SPA is the perfect place where to reconcile with your own body and savour the real sense of well-being; a place where the scents of frangipani and wild orchids soothe the sense of smell; Details

  • Aria SPA Hydrotherapy

    Aria SPA Hydrotherapy

    Where body’s health embraces that of the spirit

    The hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy bath is set immediately after the massage area, in the middle of a terrace that looks out onto a gorgeous landscape. It’s filled with the purest seawater Details


  • Sea on skin

    Sea on skin

    Every dive a new and different adventure

    Seawater is an element that revitalizes all our senses: it has its own smell and flavour, it relaxes or awakens us with its sound and it hypnotises us with its intense colours and transparency games. However, it is only when we dive into it that we can feel its touch in all its essence and strength. Details

  • Boutique


    Memories of our trip

    “Our boutique was born simply getting back in touch with our craftsman friends; still nowadays we choose and design with them our jewels, sarungs, silk scarfs and other products to bring home or to donate as memories of your trip to Indonesia. Details


  • Nature sounds

    Nature sounds

    Walea Dive Resort's soundtrack

    In contact with Walea’s uncontaminated nature even hearing gets regenerated. The total absence of streets and vehicles and the lack of motorboats make this dense and luxuriant forest that raises behind the resort the true author of Walea’s soundtrack. Details

The sixth sense

  • Magic in the air

    Magic in the air

    Walea, inexhaustible source of emotions

    Walea is such a complete ecosystem, that includes sea, beaches, hills and forest; that’s why it’s so difficult to even try to explain its essence through the five senses; you wouldn’t be able to capture its true magic. Walea is really an inexhaustible source of unique sensations and emotions never felt before. Details

  • Something Inexplicable

    Something Inexplicable

    An immediate passion

    "What makes of Tanjung Kramat a place that different from any other wonderful destinations is hard to tell, probably an impossible task; and Walea obviously does not have this effect on everyone. I think it’s a question closely linked to the idea of travel rather than the one of holiday. Details