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Diving sites

Extraordinary diving in an untouched nature

Diving sites

In Walea's Marine Park diving sites are really numerous. The variety of environments and life forms that can be found here make every dive an unforgettable and unrepeatable experience. Even the same site in two different moments is not the same.
A sea like this, so full in terms of life forms, gives you the possibility of many different and occasional encounters.
Dive sites are quite close and easily reachable by speedboats.
As always, the most beautiful colours and coral diversity can be found in shallow water, but in some places it is worthwhile to dive deeper profiles.
The divers who arrive to Walea can appreciate the rarity of its beautiful and pristine reefs, enhanced by ideal environmental conditions and by the skills of dive guides to find amazing critters like pygmy seahorse, ghost pipefish, nudibranchs, crustaceans and much more.
The dive sites offer is wide and includes coral gardens and drop offs, from easy levels for beginner divers to more challenging current dives for expert divers.
Below you may find a list of the main dive sites.


Diving Sites


  • House Reef

    House Reef

    Easily accessible but equally extraordinary

    House reef is certainly the most cushy dive: you can plunge directly from resort's wharf and follow the coral reef that protects the island. It's a reef that gently slopes to the blue up to a depth of about 40 metres and it is never affected by strong currents. A lovely dive within everyone’s reach. Details

  • Labuwan


    Easily accessible and highly populated

    Labuwan is the closest reef to the resort and even though it's not very big it offers the possibility of carrying out two or three different dives.  We descend along a ridge which is detached from the main reef up to a depth of 20-30 metres Details

  • Pasir Putih

    Pasir Putih

    A reef extremely rich in life forms

    Pasir Putih is a large reef which, according to currents direction, can be covered in different ways. Dives always start at a depth of just 10 metres on an immense sand esplanade, from which thousands of garden eels emerge; they make the sea bottom look like a prairie of posidona seagrass. Details

  • Pasarikan


    A sandbank between Walea and Gegolan

    Pasarikan is an extremely long sandbank divided into two parts by a sand gully deep 18 metres at its head. Located between Walea and Gegolan, in presence of favourable currents you will be fascinated by the variety and the number of fish. Details

  • Lolosy


    One of the most popular destination among photographers

    Lolosy is a marvellous ridge which combines two reefs really appreciated by photographers for the variety and the beauty of corals and life that surrounds them. Right from the beginning you may see gorgonians, alcyonarias and sponges mixed with a large number of multicoloured barrier fishes. Details

  • Gegolan


    Big shoal between Walea and Puah Island

    Gegolan is a wide sandbank 9 metres deep at its head. It's located between Walea extreme point and Pauh Island, beyond which sea bottom goes down for a thousand metres.
    Resort’s dive guides have divided Gegolan into different sectors Details

  • Taloyon


    Greater depth, greater reward

    Dive starts descending along a dynamic and coloured ridge.  At a depth of circa 40 metres there’s a magnificent pinnacle rising upwards, completely covered by gorgonians, alcyonaria, sponges of all shapes and species with multi-coloured crinoids. Details

  • Lampu


    Ideal for divers and snorkelers

    Lampu is a large reef which owes its name to a small lighthouse that warns ships of the barrier reef. It's one of the best locations to see pelagic fish; infact, with the right current, seeing sharks, mantas, eagle rays, mobulas and tunas is guaranteed.  Details

  • Talawega


    Inhabited by new species

    Talawega is a reef with a long shape. Dive takes place at its edges reached following beautiful coral bottoms located at a depth of circa 30 metres. The ridge that points westwards is characterized by a sequence of pinnacles, while the one aiming eastwards is more linear. Details

  • Kura Kura

    Kura Kura

    Easily reachable

    At circa 20 minutes by boat from the resort, we dive along an extremely beautiful wall rich in small grottos where gorgonians, black corals, alcyonaria and huge barrel sponges are the frame of brightly coloured nudibranches, ghost pipefishes, anemones full of shrimps and to crinoids and elegant squat lobsters. Details

  • Keranjang


    Not to be missed

    Facing the resort, this beautiful long reef is able to satisfy even the most demanding photographers, as well as all enthusiasts of alcyonaria and lively colours. At a depth of circa 40 metres we can find a large area of intense orange alcyonaria, together with large gorgonians, sea whips and elephant ear sponges. Details