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The Restaurant

Good and healthy Italian cuisine

The Restaurant

The restaurant is Walea's hub. Here you can find the reception room, the relaxation area, the kitchen, the dining room and the central bar.
In this rooms, you will spend most of the time not dedicated to the sea, to walks or bodycare, between a chat, card, chess or backgammon challenges and free consultation of books and magazines, available in different languages.
The culinary offerings are inspired by the exotic South East Asian cuisine and by the best emilian/italian tradition.
The bar serves a wide range of international cocktails, as well as some drinks of our invention, that bring out the taste of exotic fruits and aromatic herbs, freshly picked on the island; also homemade ice cream, frappès and fresh fruit milkshakes as well as soft drinks and isotonic drinks for those who don’t like alcohol, high quality local beer and palatable australian wine. Of course it couldn’t be missing the espresso machine, that allow you to taste excellent coffee and cappucinos, prepared following the best italian tradition.
Our culinary philosophy, since we are hundreds of miles far from shopping centres, is based on reviving real genuine cooking; that’s the reason why we don’t use precooked foods of any kind.
Following Simona’s instructions in every little detail, Walea Dive Resort’s staff learned how to make good homemade bread, biscuits, pasta, pizza, ice cream and desserts according to the finest italian tradition. Concerning South East Asian cuisine, the staff followed Luca, whose very personal technique has become refined over the years thanks to his passion for cooking.


  • Dinner under the stars

    Dinner under the stars

    Excellent cuisine in a perfect location

    In the prospective of the perfect vacation, food is a very important and not insignificant part and, although this resort is famous for the treasures that can be found beneath the surface of water, the cuisine has also earned a respected place in the holiday memories of guests from all over the world.
    In the Sunset Lounge it is possible to book the dinner under the stars Details