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Free wi-fi access

To feel at home, even at the ends of the earth

Free wi-fi access

We are pleased to inform you that from now on here in Walea every day it’s possible to connect to a free wi-fi network from 19.00 to 22.30 to access with smartphones and tablets chat apps like WhatsApp or messenger or to check your email address.
However, since it’s a limited power satellite connection, making phone calls, uploading/downloading photos or documents it’s not allowed; for those operations there’s always internet connection with fee.


  • With laptops, that have a greater bandwidth consumption, it’s more difficult to connect;
  • Skype doesn’t work really well;
  • Whatsapp is the fastest chat app;
  • Smartphones with Android operating system get connected more easily than iphones or ipads.

Another step towards technology… at Walea Dive Resort!