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It’s true, Walea is far away: here’s how to make it close…

Here are some useful informations to help you plan your trip to Walea. You may find our exact position, our contacts, some advice on how to get to Luwuk, where the closest airport is located.
For further information don’t hesitate to contact us.


  • How to make a reservation

    How to make a reservation

    Follow these simple steps

    Here's a simple guide on how to correctly carry out a reservation on Walea Dive & SPA Resort's website. Details

  • How to contact us

    How to contact us

    Contact us on our Paradise island...

    There are many ways to get in touch with us.
    Below you may find all our numbers, email address, a link to the Facebook page and a direct contact form for all questions that haven’t been answered by the informations of the website, all our numbers, emails and link to Facebook page.


  • How to get to Walea

    How to get to Walea

    To Walea you get from Luwuk, in Sulawesi

    Walea Dive Resort organizes as an exclusive service for its guests transfer ONLY FROM AND TO PAGIMANA, in order to allow its guests to reach the closest airport, which is in Luwuk. Details

  • Where is Walea

    Where is Walea

    Walea Diving Resort and SPA is located on Waleabahi Island in Central Sulawesi, Celebes

    Walea is part of the Togian archipelago, or Togean, in Central Sulawesi, one of the largest islands of Indonesia. The Equator passes only a few kilometers away from the resort and the climate is always warm, with sporadic rains and no monsoons. Details