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Total hospitality for your body and your soul


The Walea Dive&Spa Resort is situated in a private area on the island of Waleabahi, in the centre of the Protected Area.  It is small and exclusive with only 13 recently enlarged and renovated bungalows that look directly out onto the sea. 

Located right on the equator and protected by the large Gulf of Tomini, it is always summer here thanks to the microclimate which keeps the monsoon rains at bay.
Only natural materials have been used for the buildings and the bungalows are spread out over an area of 3 hectares amongst trees and tropical flowers. Everything is devised so as to blend in with the surrounding nature.  No solid or liquid wastes from the decomposition process reach the sea
Every evening there is a gorgeous sunset when you can while away the time between the gentle waves of the world's calmest sea and the breath of the surrounding forest. There are no roads on the island: no cars, no traffic and no mobile phones ringing. Just you and nature....




  • Welcome


    Welcome at Walea!

    In the heart of Sulawesi, Walea Dive Resort is the only Marine Park/ Protected Area in Indonesia that offers more than two hundered square kilometers of untouched sea for a maximum of thirty-five visitors per day. Live your holiday into the nature, with all the necessary comforts:


  • The Cottages

    The Cottages

    Sleep with the sea

    Our 13 beautiful seafront cottages are built to fit into the embracing nature with almost no visual and environmental impact.
    How to succeed in combining comfort, elegance, harmony and simplicity, without any unnecessary excess?
    We didn’t turn to some famous architects or feng shui experts. Details

  • The Restaurant

    The Restaurant

    Good and healthy Italian cuisine

    The restaurant is Walea's hub. Here you can find the reception room, the relaxation area, the kitchen, the dining room and the central bar.
    In this rooms, you will spend most of the time not dedicated to the sea, to walks or bodycare Details

  • Aqua Sunset Bar

    Aqua Sunset Bar

    Aqua Sunset Bar: the right atmosphere at all hours

    Aqua Sunset Bar was created to complete our visionary idea of Walea.  A place where to appreciate the colors of sunset, where to listen to the sound of waves and count the shooting stars was, infact, still missing.
    That’s why Aqua Sunset Bar was born, something between a bar and a lounge. Details