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The Cottages

Sleep with the sea

The Cottages

Our 13 beautiful seafront cottages are built to fit into the embracing nature with almost no visual and environmental impact.
How to succeed in combining comfort, elegance, harmony and simplicity, without any unnecessary excess?
We didn’t turn to some famous architects or feng shui experts. We’ve realized this project living day by day in the cottages that we offer and, when the time to renew them has come, we did it projecting and designing the internal forniture and spaces taking inspiration from the surrounding nature and availing ourselves of the best indonesian artisans. The result? Only natural materials: wood, stone and glass. Double walls and double roofs, covered by the traditional “katu”, to keep the bungalows cool, expedient that enabled us not to use air conditioning which is unhealthy and very polluting. Last but not least, there is a large hand-decorated paved porch and a bathroom covered in mosaic tiles with water heated by solar panels: for us environment is more important than anything else.


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Besides, since no services like electricity, water, garbage disposal, fuel and telephony are supplied by the government or by private citizens, we activated right away our intelligence in order to build a non-polluting waste disposal plant and a fresh water and fuel supply system. We also provided the village with power generators and satellite communications.
Furthermore, moved by the will of preserving the environment, we achieved the creation of the Protected Area. The barrier reef, now more alive than ever, is a direct witness of our efforts in this direction.

The services that our guests enjoy during their stay here at our Resort are simple comforts, in the West so much normal to be taken for granted. While living in Indonesia, we had the chance to understand how them are actually precious goods to preserve, always respecting the surrounding environment.
The comforts we are talking about are the same the best Resorts usually offer to their guests: sun beds, bath and beach towels, hairdryers, and recently also shampoo, conditioner, body wash and body lotions with the fragrances of flowers, fruits and natural spices, made exclusively for Walea Dive Resort and chosen by us to donate you moments of true wellbeing.
Our dream keeps coming true, here, day by day, in order to let our guests’ dreams to come true in turn.