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Aria SPA

Wellbeing and indonesian traditional massages

Aria SPA

Suspended in mid-air, between sea and sky, Aria SPA is the perfect place where to reconcile with your own body and savour the real sense of well-being; a place where the scents of frangipani and wild orchids soothe the sense of smell; oils and incense blend in a harmonious atmosphere, while the expert hands of masseuses release the energy trapped by tensions and muscle contractions, toning up the tissues and reactivating the circulation.
Also for Aria SPA a qualitative choice was made: the best and most effective kinds of indonesian traditional massages were chosen; treatments that have been handed down from one generation to another and are performed with excellent oils and natural essences. Staff was selected for experience and passion from traditional areas of indonesian massage, Bali and Manado, in order to ensure the effectiveness of the treatment.




  • Aria SPA Hydrotherapy

    Aria SPA Hydrotherapy

    Where body’s health embraces that of the spirit

    The hydrotherapy and thalassotherapy bath is set immediately after the massage area, in the middle of a terrace that looks out onto a gorgeous landscape. It’s filled with the purest seawater Details