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How to make a reservation

Follow these simple steps

How to make a reservation

Here's a simple guide on how to correctly carry out a reservation on Walea Dive & SPA Resort's website.


Package reservation:
  • On homepage, as well as on all other page of the website, select from the booking machine date of arrival, which corresponds to check-in day, date of departure, in other words check-out day, adults’ number and possibly kids’ number. Click on Book now. We remind you that if your arrival and departure are on Monday or Saturday you will access our best rates.
  • On the new screen, choose the arrangement: full board diving, which includes divings in the price, or full board no diving, which instead doesn’t include divings.
  • Just below, on the left side of the screen, if before selected arrival and departure on Monday or Saturday, choose Best rate pack. The stay price appears lower than that of Best rate pack, because a surcharge of 455€ per person for Transfer with charter from Luwuk to Walea and back still has to be added to the price specified in the item Rates. In the centre of the screen all packages for selected dates will be displayed. Clicking on More Info, it is possible to consult all package included and not included services.
  • On the right side of the box, specify rooms’ number and then click on Continue. The new screen now reports all booking data selected so far: arrangement type, rooms’ number, adults’ and kids’ number and the total reservation.
  • Below, it’s possible to book, as an additional service, round-trip flight tickets from Jakarta to Luwuk (via Makassar) or from Makassar to Luwuk.
  • Further below, fill out the form with your personal data, especially fields marked with *. Registered users can log in, using email address and password. In this case personal data will automatically be updated.
  • Accept Privacy and then click on End Booking.
  • At this point, the reservation has been carried out correctly and on the screen you have the summary. We remind you that to confirm this booking you need to send via bank wire transfer the amount of the deposit. The balance instead has to be paid within 30 days from the date of arrival.

Particular cases:

- If you want to book one full board diving package and one or possibly more full board no diving packages, you need to:

  • Choose full board no diving (as described at point 2.)
  • Specify rooms’ number and then click on Continue (as in point 4.)
  • In the new screen, pick 1 Diving supplement per person.
  • Continue from point 5.

- If you want to make a reservation for 3, since seaside cottages can host maximum 2 people, it will be necessary to specify 2 rooms.

Stay reservation:

Booking a stay means picking arrival and departure dates different from Monday or Saturday, that implies that it’s not possible to book packages.

Stay booking procedure is quite similar to that of packages. The difference is that the customer is required to pay a surcharge of 455€ per person for Transfer with charter from Luwuk to Walea and back.

We also remind you that if you want to make a reservation for more than 2 people, you will have to pick Family cottage, since seasides’ maximum capacity is 2.